LTBD (ebook Cover)

“Crafting creepy thrillers in the vein of Tim Waggoner and Dean Koontz, Tim McWhorter doesn’t disappoint!” – Brian Keene, Author of The Complex and Pressure

From an oddities shop looking to expand their macabre collection, to a back roads bridge with a horrifying past, Let There Be Dark is a collection of eight, sinister short stories full of ghostly phantoms, savage beasts, and the most frightening creature of all: humans. This first horror collection from the author of the best-selling novel, Bone White, thrusts you beyond the fringe and reminds us why we should fear the dark.


TWDH (ebook cover)

“An absolute joy to read, refreshing, articulate, soul searching.” – NetGalley Reviewer

“Beautifully written.” – NetGalley Reviewer

“After honing his craft writing horror novels the likes of Bone White, a 2015 Top 20 pick by Horror Underground, Tim McWhorter turned to writing compelling fiction about a more commonplace subject: aging parents and sibling dysfunction. Ten years in the making, The Winding Down Hours establishes McWhorter as a sensitive and versatile author who can touch the common threads of our lives.”

 The Taylors haven’t spent this much time together in years. But with their mother gone and the tendrils of dementia slowly entwining their father, the three siblings have one last chance to relive their idyllic youth while packing up the family home. Life isn’t as simple as when they were children, however, and missteps of the past have driven them irreconcilably apart. Only Mason, the middle Taylor, is determined to mend the fractures before the weekend ends and their time on the Cape is done.

 A story of the common hopes, trials and disappointments of family life – and just how difficult acceptance can be.


Bone White (front - CS)

New Paris, Ohio has a problem. Its teenage girls are disappearing, leaving panic where there had been laughter.  Luke and Garrett, two high school seniors, escape the growing paranoia with the well-worn routine of a fishing trip.  But when their boat breaks down and the storm of the century rolls in, they’re forced into a different sort of refuge. One that may cost them their lives.

“Unforgettably creepy.” – Kirkus Reviews

“With twists and turns and quick pacing, McWhorter’s writing style reminds me of Dean Koontz at his height, or perhaps a stripped down, all killer – no filler version of Stephen King, which is both crazy and exciting to think of considering this is only his second work. Seriously, this is one damn good book.” – Horror Underground

“McWhorter does a masterful job of building up description and suspense.” – Black Haven Reviews

A horror/thriller best-seller for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.

 COVER (ebook)The fast-paced sequel to Bone White

Luke knows two unfortunate truths: the sadistic killer, Corwin Barnes, is still out there; and someday he’ll come calling.

 A year ago, Luke put an end to Barnes’ barbaric bone harvesting operation, but it wasn’t without consequence. With the help of a team of doctors, Luke has finally dealt with his heart-wrenching losses and the heinous crimes he uncovered. He is getting on with his life.

But his nemesis isn’t doing the same, and Luke could never imagine just how brutal Barnes can be.

“McWhorter brings you to the edge at the end of the chapter, making sure you want to continue reading. Action is fast paced and intense.” – 5-Star Amazon Review


Shadows Cover (ebook)

1987.  Broken Tree, MN.  A scream erupts from an old cemetery, shattering the innocence of three young boys and sending a family fleeing from a once-quiet small town.  Now, twenty-five years later, Adam Bishop has returned with his family, confident that what happened in the past will stay there.  But, sometimes the shadows of tragedies we think we’ve left behind are simply awaiting our return. Soon Adam may discover that, although you can indeed go home again, it’s not always a good idea…

Swallowing (cover)

Swallowing the Worm is a book of 17 short stories. Far from my usual dark fiction, these stories are more accessible and deal with everything from love to loss to life in general. If you like my scary stuff, but are tired of being kept awake at night, you’ll be safe with this one…


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