Praise for Bone White…

“Unforgettably creepy.” – Kirkus Reviews

“With twists and turns and quick pacing, McWhorter’s writing style reminds me of Dean Koontz at his height, or perhaps a stripped down, all killer – no filler version of Stephen King, which is both crazy and exciting to think of considering this is only his second work. This is one damn good book.” – David J. Sharpe, Horror Underground

“McWhorter does a masterful job of building up description and suspense.” – Natasha Bennett, Black Haven Reviews

“WOW!  Excellent book!!! I would love to know how he came up with this story!!! Kept my interest from beginning to end, and every page in between!!! I will not spoil any of the story by saying anything about it. I will tell you though this is a fascinating story and a must read!!!!! I’m going after his other book now!!!” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“This book does an excellent job of raising your blood pressure before you even get to the actual suspenseful parts. Such descriptive writing leaves you feeling like you are in the nightmare unfolding! Great read and I would refer it to anyone looking for a pulse pounder!!” – 5 Star Barnes & Noble Review

“Loved this book! Another engaging work by Mr. McWhorter. I fell in love with the main character and was rooting for him all throughout the book. One of this author’s strong points seems to be his characterization, he makes his characters real to the reader. Of course the gripping plot held my attention all day long. I had to devour the book in one day, couldn’t bear to put it down. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. If you enjoy that kind of gripping tale, you’ll love this one.” – 5 Star Barnes & Noble Review

“The pace is “edge of your seat” and the descriptive writing style really keeps you engaged. The book is flat out horror in my opinion but there is a certain amount of sparse comedy that is timed perfectly for a little breather and break in the tension.” – 5 Star Amazon Review

Praise for Blackened…

“A thrilling, fast paced ride. McWhorter proves himself a master of suspense in this sequel to Bone White.” – 5 Star Goodreads Review

“A worthy successor to Bone White! I found myself flipping ahead at several points to see if my anxiety was justified or if it was safe to start breathing again. A great read!” 5-Star Goodreads Review

“Tim has the craft of storytelling down very well. He is on par with the great authors of our day. This is reminiscent of my favorite author Stephen King. Tim is no mere junior novel writer. I consider this the accomplished writing of someone with a real gift to build the landscape and images and pull upon the emotions that keep me anxiously awaiting each turn of the page.” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“This is an excellent novel for people who love reading psycho-killer novels. After reading the author’s novel, Bone White, I thought this author had great potential but needed to smooth out some rough edges. In the sequel to Bone White called Blackened, those rough edges were gone and this novel is awesome. If you like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, etc., pickup these two novels.” – 5 Star Amazon Review

Praise for Shadows Remain…

“This is a fast paced story that could/should give nightmares. I loved the story line, the surprise ending and the character development. You can see yourselves knowing this type of family with the interactions and lifestyle.” – 5 Star Amazon Review

This book never should have ended. I wanted more.” – 4 Star Goodreads Review

“Shadows Remain is an eloquently written book that kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept guessing what was going to happen next, but it was never what I was expecting. It is definitely a page turner, and you won’t want to put it down!” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“I could not put this book down!! The story line drew me in and I had to know the ending.  Heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, page turner.  I will recommend to everyone.” – 5 Star Barnes & Noble Review

“This is a really good ghost story with just the right degree of creepy. Well written with very good characters. Let’s have more!” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“You should read this book.  Shadows Remain is a worthwhile read. This book brought me in from the absolute beginning. It is suspenseful and beautifully written. If you are looking for a good book to read, this is it.” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“Unpredictable.  Shadows Remain grabs your attention immediately and keeps your interest piqued til the very end. I am an avid reader and more often than not can predict the ending in the book I’m reading. This book managed to surprise me! Not a book for bedtime reading…unless you like to be spooked!” – 5 Star Amazon Review

Engaging debut that shows signs of real talent…” – 4 Star Barnes & Noble Review

“Engaging.  This was a great read! To me, a book is good when I wonder what the characters are doing when I’m not reading it…when I wondering what’s happening without me. It held my interest the entire time and I was sad when I rad out of words to read!” – 5 Star Amazon Review

“I enjoyed this book for the most part. I downloaded it during the free promotion and was sold on the synopsis. The writing was great, the narrative flowed really well. There’s no disputing that this is a very talented writer. I could ‘feel’ the characters and empathized well with them.” – 4 Star Amazon Review

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