Changes are Afoot

Hey all!

I hope this post finds you well.

I’ve been alluding to the fact that I have some big announcements coming up. And that’s true. I’m busier than a toothless zombie in a brain-eating contest. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? I’ve got lots to do…

When I first dipped my toes in the publishing end of the writing pool, I went the self-publishing route. I had no plans for my books to go worldwide. Putting them out there for family and friends was enough for me. In doing so, I cut a lot of corners. I did a lot of “don’ts.” When readers all around the world started picking up my books, I wasn’t ready. Neither were the books. The quality was lacking, and I wasn’t putting my best foot forward. So, from there, I started working with a couple of small press publishers. This was a step in the right direction, but it brought its own set of challenges. The books were better quality, as the publishers had the funds and connections to provide professional editing, etc. But, I still wasn’t happy with the processes, regardless how well I was treated. I didn’t enjoy “playing the game.”

Sorry, I’m rambling.

So where am I going with this, you ask?

After contemplating long and hard, I have decided to return to the world of indie publishing and will be publishing my own books under an imprint from this point on. The process simply suits my needs and vision. I won’t bore you with the hows and whys. But, I will tell you that this time around, I will be going about things the right way (ie. putting forth the effort, spending the money)

What does this mean to you? It means several things. For starters, my new novel (yes, something new!) will be out later this year under my imprint, Manta Press. Check out the cool logo…

Manta Logo

Also, since my contracts for BONE WHITE and BLACKENED just happen to be expiring in June, I will be retaining those rights once again. Later this year, both will be re-released for a 3rd and (hopefully) final edition through Manta Press as well. New covers, new editing on the inside. I can’t wait.

So, all in all, I will have a minimum of 3 book releases this year, and I’m very excited. Another release, a 2nd collection of short stories, is slated for early 2021. Stay tuned for release dates for all four of these.

Thanks for hanging in there and taking this ride with me.

Til next time, my friends!

Tim McWhorter