Midnight in Moonville

So, I did this thing on Saturday where I trudged deep down into the hills of southern Ohio to try and sell books to a crowd coming to check out a haunted tunnel in the middle of a forest. Let’s just say that ghosts weren’t the only thing I was skeptical about that night. Didn’t know if I’d sell very many books. At all. Happy to say, my mind was changed on one aspect that night. Not only did I sell out of one book (something that’s never happened), but I sold out of TWO books. And I think I have only two copies of Shadows left. Ended up selling more books during this one day event than I ever have. By more than DOUBLE. So yeah, it was a worthwhile trek, and I think I might do it again next year. Thanks to everyone who walked away from Midnight in Moonville with something new to read this Halloween season!

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