A Black(ened) Friday Sales Event!

Signed books make excellent, personal gifts for the readers on your holiday list! Celebrate Black Friday this year by skipping the lines at the big book store and picking up a sale-priced book direct from the author. Or better yet, bundle two or three books together and save even more. I’m not just offering 15% off the cover price, I’m also throwing in free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.!

I will add a personalized message to the recipient and together, we can make the people on your list feel that much more special this year.

Message me on FB, or email me for instructions on how to pay through Paypal. The books will ship within 2 or 3 days, plenty of time for them to arrive for the holidays! It’s literally, just that easy.

Price List:

Bone White – $10.20 + free shipping

Blackened – $11.90 + free shipping

Shadows Remain – $6.80 + free shipping

Swallowing the Worm – $6.80 + free shipping

* Bone White + Blackened – $21.00 + free shipping

* Inquire about other available bundles

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