After taking plenty of time to think it over, including a fair share of back and forth, a decision has finally been made. I’m happy to announce that as of 4:00 pm today, I will be casting off the ‘self-published’ moniker and signing on with an honest to goodness publisher. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a publishing home, but when the right opportunity is presented by the right people, I would be foolish not to accept. PlotForge, Ltd. is a small, but growing company, and I like where they are heading. This relationship will open up many avenues for me that I do not currently have access to, including worldwide distribution and the tools needed to put out a better product. Likewise, I hope to continue their tradition of publishing quality, highly-regarded books.

So what does all this mean?

First up, a newly edited and repackaged 2nd edition of BONE WHITE, including a beautiful new cover will hit the shelves sometime this summer. If you want a copy of the 1st edition with the original cover, your time is limited. Once the 2nd edition is released, the 1st edition will be pulled from store shelves and websites, thereby becoming unavailable. Having said that, I also invite you to give the new product a look when it releases.

Following the re-release of BONE WHITE, a newly edited BLACKENED will hit the shelves soon after. A decision hasn’t yet been made regarding the cover, but either way, the 2nd edition will still be replacing the 1st.

I’m very much looking forward to working with my new friends at PlotForge, Ltd. I encourage everyone to check out their website, like their Facebook page and give their other books a glance.

Thanks to all of you for the immense support over the last couple of years. I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by a better group of friends, family and readers. Much love to you all!

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