Onward and Upward!

I had three main goals heading into the Imaginarium Convention last weekend…1) to learn a lot and come back a better writer than when I left.  After attending many informative panels and talking with fellow writers, I feel I accomplished this one.  2) to meet a lot of cool people and even come away with a few I can call friends.  This one I can also check off my list.  Rubbed elbows with some really cool people and met some FB friends face to face for the first time.  3)  I hope I can sell enough books to at least help pay for all the books I will undoubtedly be buying for myself.  While I did come home on Sunday in the red, I did sell a few books and it did help offset what I spent.

Now, Context 27 starts tomorrow, and I am heading into the weekend with the same three goals. If I can accomplish all these goals in the span of two weekends, then there is no excuse for not accomplishing whatever goals I set for myself, right?  (okay, that’s pretty thin as far as goal oriented pep talks go, but it beats paying someone to stand behind me with a whip…)

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